Spearheading the change towards Ripening Fruits, safely

GENET is the brand name of Ethylene Generators manufactured by Aseko based in Czech Republic. Agritech Equipment & Services Pvt. Ltd are the sole distributors of all products manufactured by Aseko in India, which includes ethylene generators, gas sensors, ripening liquid, etc.

Aseko manufactures a wide range of gas sensors, gas controller, biogas analyzers, RHT etc as well as centralized ripening control system using software for optimal results.You can connect between 1 to 20 ripening rooms with the same software and manage operations through mobile phones or laptops or tablet PCs.

Ripening is a process in fresh fruits that causes them to become more palatable. In general, a fruit becomes sweeter, less green, and softer as it ripens. Bananas are harvested in mature green condition and transported great distances where they are induced to start ripening in controlled atmosphere cold rooms using ethylene liquid which is converted into gas. Ethylene is a natural plant growth hormone produced by all fruits and vegetables in natural habitat.

Rule 44-AA of the PFA Rules, 1955 prohibits the use of carbide gas for ripening of fruits.

Rule 44-AA :

Prohibition of use of carbide gas in ripening of fruits:- No person shall sell or offer or expose for sale or have in his premises for the purpose of sale under any description, fruits which have been artificially ripened by use of acetylene gas, commonly known as carbide gas. Ministry of Agriculture has clarified that the fruits are exposed to ethylene gas (fruit ripening plant hormone) in low concentration of 10-100 ppm exogenously to trigger their ripening. It is considered safe in the concentration varying from 0.001- 0.01% depending upon the crop, variety and maturity. There is no specific provision in PFA for ripening agents.